Changed ... Forever (DVD Series)

Changed ... Forever (DVD Series)
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Includes 15 sessions corresponding with the book, Changed ... Forever, How to Lead Your Family Through a Crisis.
Each session is between 20 to 30 minutes long.

A compassionate crisis leader will review the shocking interruption to people's plans, characterize it in terms of stewardship, and have all examine their expectations, the Scriptures, and their perspective.

An effective crisis leader will have all learn to let go, understand the place of emotions, and develop an appreciation for the communion of the saints.

A wise crisis leader must walk by faith, maintain focus, direct attention to the love of Jesus Christ, remind the hurting that "this isn't about us", hold to the principle of: individual event -- communal benefit, exalt the importance of perseverance, and continue to grow.

1. Not What I Planned
2. Governed by God
3. Expectations
4. The Comfort of the Scriptures
5. Perspective
6. Learning to Let Go
7. The Honesty of Emotions
8. The Communion of the Saints
9. Walking by Faith
10. Focus
11. The Love of Jesus Christ
12. This Isn't About Us
13. A Lesson from King Nebuchadnezzar
14. Perseverance
15. Yesterday's News

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