Young Men

Because You Are Strong
A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men
Becoming Mr. Right
A Young Man's Guide to God-Honoring Relationships
Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse
When does faithfulness begin?
88 pages
By Tom Houck
Biblically Handling Technology and Social Media
70-page, full color booklet
Biblical Discipleship Ministries
Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Folks
Building relationships between children and their parents!
Captivated Study Guide
Accompanies Captivated DVD
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Creation Proclaims Volume 1
Climbers and Creepers
Approx 50 minutes

Creation Proclaims Volume 2
Flight and Spike
Approx 80 minutes
Creation Proclaims Volume 3
Silent Hunters
Creation Proclaims Volumes 1-3
All three DVDs

Climbers and Creepers
Flight and Spike
deBunked DVD and Study Guide
Incredible Creature Cards
Evangelistic creation card tracts
Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream
Scripture Memory Cards
Includes 20 cards