Young Men

Because You Are Strong
A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men
Becoming Mr. Right
A Young Man's Guide to God-Honoring Relationships
Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse
When does faithfulness begin?
88 pages
By Tom Houck
Biblically Handling Technology and Social Media
70-page, full color booklet
Biblical Discipleship Ministries
Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Folks
Building relationships between children and their parents!
Captivated Study Guide
Accompanies Captivated DVD
Creation Proclaims Volume 1
Climbers and Creepers
Approx 50 minutes

Creation Proclaims Volume 2
Flight and Spike
Approx 80 minutes
Creation Proclaims Volume 3
Silent Hunters
Creation Proclaims Volumes 1-3
All three DVDs

Climbers and Creepers
Flight and Spike
deBunked DVD and Study Guide
Incredible Creature Cards
Evangelistic creation card tracts
Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream
Spanish - Light Shop Set One
Light Shop Set One in Spanish. Coil bound (does not include binder).