The Solar System: God's Heavenly Handiwork

The Solar System: God's Heavenly Handiwork
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God has constructed the universe in a truly marvelous way. It continually surprises and delights us by challenging our understanding of how things work.

Our solar system is a great example of this. We can actually see much of the solar system on a cloudless night. Most of the planets are visible to the unaided eye—appearing as tiny points of light. In reality, they are enormous spheres, some comparable in size to the earth, while others are much larger. Every new discovery in astronomy is a surprising and delightful revelation that God is even more amazing, creative, and powerful than we previously supposed.

The Solar System: God's Heavenly Handiwork explores aspects of the solar system, including our own Earth, and highlights the diversity and wonders of God's creation. Through them we will see that truly “the firmament shows His handiwork” (Psalm 19:1).

Author: Jason Lisle, Ph.D.
Pages: 48

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