Jimmy Moore of Bucktown

Jimmy Moore of Bucktown
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A true story of one young man who came to Christ and the huge impact his life had on those around him. First printed in 1904. Reprinted unaltered and unabridged. A great family read aloud book, illustrating the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

"Something that was very good that we did as a family was read books aloud together. Usually I (Harold) would read and everyone would listen as they worked on homework, did the dishes or practiced their harp. They would ask questions or make jokes. We would have discussions, laughs and tell our own stories. Sometimes we would record our reading times and then listen to them years later.

One of the biggest problems for us was finding good books. We didn’t find this one until the kids were older. It grabs your interest right from the start and is a most exciting true story of the salvation, faith and ministry of one small boy.

I would give two warnings. One – make sure whoever reads it does so with the intended accent. The author captures very well the poor English of this little boy. Two – there are a couple chapters which parents will need to paraphrase if you are reading to younger children because of the kind of people and activities being talked about in this bad neighborhood in which this little boy lived. It is very important to maintain the innocence of our young children. This is one form of protection that we as parents must provide."
– Harold Mally

Format: Hardback
Pages: 231

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